Pagani authorized car dealer in Japan: Pagani Japan Co., Ltd

"The Excellent Cars and The Excellent Services"
This is our motto.

We make our best efforts to make our customers satisfied as a foremost concierge and support you fully with your purchase, maintenances needed, automobile inspections, and also selling off.

We have special feelings towards the cars we have.
Excellent cars will give you an excellent driving experience, an excellent car life, and also a sense of fulfillment.

We never compromise because we do not want our customers compromise at selecting cars.

Our cars are artworks created with delicate technologies. We understand not only the specifications of the cars but also the histories of the cars and the values of the cars.
We tell you all the information precisely.

We have the world class level cars.
Please enjoy our excellent services.

We promise you the excellent car life.

Company Profile

Corporate name Pagani Japan Co., Ltd
Head Office Sanno Park Tower Annex Building 1F, 2-11-1 Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6190 JAPAN
TEL 03-5511-1888
FAX 03-5511-7723
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