huayra roadster

The new legend, from Pagani successive models, aims for the stars.

In 2010, Huayra Roadster project started with the simple idea which is equipping a removable roof and conventional doors, developed for Zonda Roadstar. However, the project design was once reconsidered to redo from 0, because every Pagani creation should be born with its own soul and feeling proud of themselves. The first design was discarded, creation of Huayra Roadster with the spirit has finally restarted in 2013.

Based on Huayra Coupe, Huayra Roadster has smoothing body lines, but sharpness on the exterior.
You can find Pagani's passion of pursing beauty from the aggressive and very original design of Huayra, although only 100 cars were produced.

Not only is the design amazing, but also the applied latest technology that is combination of the invented ”Carbo-Triax HP52” and “Carbo-Titanium” in the chassis and “HiForg”, aluminum alloy, used the suspension is phenomenon.

The knowledge and experience, gained from developments of successive Pagani, Zonda R, Huayra Coupe, Huayra BC allowed Huaya Roadster accomplish astonishing evolution such as 80kg less than the Huayra Coupe and a 52% increase in stiffness.


Chassis Pagani Carbo-Titanium & Carbo-Triax HP52 monocoque, front and rear frame in steel tubes
Engine Mercedes-Benz AMG V12 60°; engine capacity 5980cc.
Max. Power (562)kw 764/5500rpm
Max. Torque Nm/rpm+1000/2300-4300
Transmission Rear engine longitudinal central; rear-wheel Drive
Gearbox AMT next generation 7-speed (plus reverse) with electronic mechanical differential
Brakes 4 ventilated discs Brembo CCM, brake unit; ant. 380x34mm 6piston caliper
monolithic; post. 380x34mm 4 piston caliper monolithic
Wheels Forged aluminum alloy APP monolithic; front 20inch, 21inch rear
Tyres Pirelli P Zero Corsa, Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R
Suspensions 4-wheels independent double wishbone; upper rocker arm with coil spring and
adjustable shock absorber; anti-roll bar; HiForg forged and CNC machined arms;
forged and machine controlled uprights.
Weight (Kg) 1280kg