CNC machining is not commonly used in the automotive industry, apart from extreme motorsport applications such as Formula 1, where cost is not the determining factor. The Pagani Huayra boasts over 1.000 CNC machined metal parts, in various aerospace grade aluminium, stainless steel or titanium alloys, depending on their function. Near the town of Modena, the company ASPA has created a new division with Pagani Automobili to create the precision parts required for the demanding projects. For car enthusiasts and engineers alike, what lies within these walls is a ballet of perfection...

Even the car's name tag positioned on the rear bumper, is carved in a 24 hour process from a solid block of aluminium. It is the Pagani way of reassuring its customers that their cars are built to their own standards exceeding the highest in the industry.


ASPA has been a partner of Pagani Automobili for over a decade, together, Pagani and ASPA continue to develop and create masterpieces in exclusive materials.

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