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Zonda S 7.3

Technical description

The deep throbbing heart of the Zonda S lies underneath the light rear bonnet. It is located in a central position, supported by a molybdenum-chrome chassis and wrapped in a specifically designed air suction system.

It is an exclusive V12 Mercedes-AMG engine, with a 7.3 litre capacity and titanium connecting-rods. It is able to produce a maximum power of 555 hp and unleash 620 Nm torque even at 2000 revolutions, and can reach up to 750 Nm at 4050 revolutions.

The front load-bearing framework is designed to absorb bumps and guarantees optimal levels of repairability and safeness while both the front and rear frame house the mechanic groups and the sophisticated aluminium suspensions.

From the outside, the Zonda S appears to have an aggressive and imposing design followed by a ferocious sound, but everything changes and evolves on the inside. The moment you rest your back against the carbon fibre seat, with one hand placed on the steering wheel and the other hand ready to engage the first gear, you find yourself catapulted into an unexpectedly comfortable environment, thanks to the silent Mercedes-AMG engine, the astonishing amount of light that penetrates through the bubble glass cockpit, the excellent sound insulation and the almost total absence of vibrations, despite its 1.250 kg of weight. Furthermore, the Zonda S has excellent levels of grip and stability regardless of road conditions. An added bonus is the total absence of rolling and pitching.


Engine Mercedes-Benz M 120 7.3 AMG; 12 cylinder V 60° displacement 7291 cc
Max. power (kW) hp/rpm: (408) 555/5900
Max. torque Nm/rpm: 750/4050
Transmission Longitudinal mid engine; rear wheel drive; with self-locking differential; TCS standard
Clutch Twin plate clutch
Gearbox Mechanical 6 speed (+ reverse)
Brakes 4 Ventilated Brembo disks: front 355 four piston caliper; rear 335 four piston caliper; hydraulic power brake; ABS standard
Steering TTRW rack and pinion power assisted
Wheels 18” aluminium alloy OZ wheels
Tyres Michelin Pilot Sport: front 255/40/18; rear 345/35/18
Suspensions 4 independent wheels with double A-arm; pull rod helical springs and Ohlins adjustable; shock absorbers; anti-roll bar; aluminium alloy suspension arms
Structure Central carbon fiber chassis; front and rear Cr Mo steel space frames; carbon fiber “ MD system” bodywork panels
Dimensions Lenght 4395 mm; width 2055 mm; height 1151 mm; wheelbase 2730 mm; dry weight 1280 kg
Performances Acceleration 0-100 km/h 3.7 sec.; weight to power ratio 2.30 kg/hp